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new account

2014-11-19 11:57:32 by powerboiii

YEAH i made a new account because this account had a username i dont really use anymore, i make animations and stuff, bye <3



I am trying to become a better animator and i upload every step in that process, but everything keeps getting deleted while i say in the description that im trying something new and that im new to flash animations.


2014-11-18 10:55:24 by powerboiii

my brain is thinking of random stuff again, i might start actually making stuff again, wow kinda thought me how to animate......i kinda understand how flash works now.........EXPECT MORE SHIT FROM ME

Yep im making it better.

back on the newgrounds

2014-01-26 06:19:48 by powerboiii

I think im going to be more active on newgrounds again!

lots of stuff to do

2013-11-02 09:50:23 by powerboiii

Since i started using newgrounds the way it should be used i had a lot of jobs and work to do.
right now im working on art for a game and i did some voice acting.
newgrounds is full of talented people and newgrounds makes me feel like im one of them.